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This page will keep you up-to-date with the fast moving interest in Genealogy/Family History.

For people just getting started please visit the BEGINNING RESEARCH page, which contains some hints and tips regarding how to get started, local genealogy sites and recommended books.

Using the Internet for researching Family History has become overwhelmingly popular.  Our purpose is to encourage Ocean Hills Residents (and others, too) to use these pages as a reference for your own research.  Our workshop meets the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 am in the Computer Room and is led by Hal McCawley.  Check the Computer Club Calendar for actual times and days.

The program includes speakers and workshops, followed by problem solving. We will also, spend some time going on the Internet to show good genealogy sites.

Family History is about who we are. The social context in which our ancestors lived is a vital part of who they were, just as the world around us today is part of what shapes who we, who our children, are. Gathering the names, dates and places of  those who came before, those who created us, is only a part of the wholeness of life. 

To know our ancestors, we need to spend time studying their world; we need to become familiar with their time. Doing all of that is putting together the puzzle, the picture, that is your family. Come join the Genealogy Group to learn ways to help you in your search for yourself.

Other programs will be announced at a later time, so be sure to check back with us to see what other helpful and interesting programs are planned. 

Remember also, that each session will end with help on Family Tree Maker and other computer programs. If you have questions or suggestions bring them to the next computer genealogy meeting.

Genealogy Links:

Cyndi's List
Dead Fred

Google Book Search
BYU Family History Archive
Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Documents
Digital documents at American Memory from Library of Congress

Ellis Island Ship Passenger Arrival Records
Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates

Delaware Digital Archives
Florida State Archives Online Collections
The Digital Library of Georgia
Territorial Kansas Online

Archives of Maryland Online
Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1955
Missouri Birth & Death Certificates pre-1910

New York Public Library Digital Library
Ohio Memory
ARIAS - Pennsylvania's Digital State Archives

Washington State Digital Archives
West Virginia Vital Records

The following links should be interesting to beginners and experts alike:

The Latter Day Saints' Latest & Greatest Web Page!
Another good page for Ancestry!
Cyndi's List--Probably the world's best index for Genealogical Research!
Volunteer's Add Info!!--Rootsweb
National Archives & Records Administration
US GEN WEB--USA State & County Records
My Family--Start a Family Website

Surname Web Site--6 different languages for Surname searching
Family Treemaker Site--325 million names, some info free!

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